Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Professional Conduct and Event Policies

Our regional team is made up of devoted volunteers who work to bring valuable craft events to our region in support of our members.

SCBWI has developed a number of policies to ensure the equal treatment of our members, faculty and event attendees, either in a physical location or online. SCBWI Arizona, as part of the larger organization, adheres to all SCBWI policies.

By registering for any SCBWI Arizona event, you acknowledge that you are fully aware of our policies on Attendance, Recording and Blogging, Anti-harassment, Photos & Publicity, Harrassment, and Non-Solicitation.


Attendance Policy:

Due to insurance requirements SCBWI and SCBWI Arizona have adopted the following policy:

– No Children under 18 may attend the event nor are they allowed on the event premises.
– If you have a disability and require a support person in order to be able to take advantage of some or all of this event, please register AND email  to ask for assistance in registering your support person.


Blogging/Recording Policy:

Audio taping, videotaping and/or transmitting or aiding in any of the foregoing of any part of a workshop or conference (including, but not limited to, presentations, individual sessions and networking events) is prohibited. Additionally, the material in all handouts and presentations is copyrighted and may not be reprinted, blogged, written, orally transmitted, and/or reproduced without written permission of the copyright holder.


Photo/Publicity Policy: 

Photos at SCBWI AZ events may be used for publicity events. Attendance at this event constitutes permission for your photograph or video to be taken at the event and used for SCBWI purposes. Please be aware that attendees may be photographing and posting on social media at any event. It is the reponsibiliyt of the individual to monitor their inclusion in photos.


Non-Solicitation Policy

The SCBWI has a very strict policy on the use of any and all member and Regional Volunteer contact information. This applies to all published materials from the SCBWI and information on the SCBWI website and on its regional websites. This includes all email addresses, member information and chapter volunteer contact information, including but not limited to Regional Advisors, Assistant Regional Advisors and Illustrator Coordinators. THIS CONTACT INFORMATION MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY SOLICITATIONS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, OR OTHER ITEMS OF ANY KIND. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of your membership.


SCBWI Anti-Harassment Policy:

Please refer to this link for the most up-to-date SCBWI ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY


If you are found in violation of the above policy, SCBWI reserves the right to remove you from the any SCBWI Arizona event and bar you from attending future events.